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Benefits of Hiring A LWB Van Rental

Whether you are planning to deliver gigantic items, undertake a house clearance, or move, renting the right vehicle can make a significant difference. For large-scale moves, whether for personal or business purposes, consider renting a powerful vehicle like a LWB Van. It is a widely trusted van in the transport industry, saving you from multiple roundtrips and offering ample space for convenient transport.

But what is an LWB Van, and why is it known as the champion in transportation logistics? Delve into the blog to find answers to all these arising queries!

What is a LWB Van?

LWB Van (Long Wheelbase Van) is renowned for its extensive cargo space, thanks to its extended vertical length between the front and rear wheel centres. The immense cargo volume makes it an ideal vehicle for bulky items transportation and handling large-scale commercial deliveries.

The popular models include the Peugeot Boxer, Fiat Ducato, and Mercedes Sprinter, each having its own specialised specs and features. However, here is a brief overview of its powerful dimensions, which encapsulates:

  • Load Deck Height: 592mm
  • Load Height: 1886mm
  • Load Length: 3494mm
  • Load Space Width Between Wheel Arches: 1392mm
  • Load Width: 1784mm
  • Lower Rear Door Width: 1565mm
  • Rear Door Height: 1748mm
  • Side Load Door Height: 1700mm
  • Side Load Door Width: 1300mm
  • Load Space Volume: 10.8mm³
  • of Seats: 3

This van offers impressive load space and is known for its high durability, reliability and impressive fuel efficiency.  If you think that’s all, then you’re mistaken. It offers a multitude of additional advantages, which we have enlisted below to bring its full range of benefits into the limelight. Let’s dive into the plethora of unparalleled benefits of a LWB Van!

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5 Benefits of LWB Van Hire

  • Ample Cargo Space

As mentioned above, the core benefit of LWB Van is its massive storage space that enables massive transports like residential and commercial moves, deliveries and removals in one go. Its specialised features and ample cargo space facilitate seamless item loading, organisation and unloading, making it stand out among other fleet options.

  • Immense Comfort & Safety

With innovative amenities and features like upgraded security systems, anti-lock braking systems, stability control, air conditioning, power steering, ergonomic seating and robust build, LWB Van entertains the smoothest ride. Even with massive loads, it doesn’t lose its stability, providing safety and peace of mind.

  • Diverse Uses

With its immense load-bearing capacity, it supports multiple sectors and businesses dealing with transportation logistics. From residential moves and commercial transports to other heavy-duty tasks, its versatile applications make it a valuable asset and the most trusted transport option in the industry.

  • Cost-Effective

When we examine the cost-benefit analysis of hiring an LWB van, we can find that it is actually a very cost-effective alternative for large-scale freight and shipping needs. You avoid the headache of making several roundtrips and frequently paying for fuel. You also get to save your precious time and energy, so it’s a win-win situation!

  • Ideal for Longer Routes

Whether it be motorways or rural roads, with a robust structure, modern features and powerful engine, LWB Van offers seamless commutation and easy navigation for longer routes.


Busting the Common Myths Around LWB Vans

There are a lot of misconceptions about LWB vans that might discourage you from renting one. Thus, we have listed some widespread misconceptions about them here and addressed the truth:

  • Contrary to this popular belief, LWB Vans are not hard to drive and manoeuvre! They offer all the required features to ensure a smooth journey and seamless manoeuvring in congested spaces. From the convenience and comfort of the driver to ensuring the safety of the loaded items, these vans offer a complete package.
  • Though these vans are gigantic in size with larger fuel tanks, they don’t consume more fuel! In fact, they boast highly energy-efficient engines that save you from constant fuel refilling.
  • LWB vans are not just for business owners! Other than fulfilling large-scale conveyance requirements, they are equally beneficial for other jobs like vehicle transfers, apartment moves or small-scale commercial deliveries. So, whether you are a student shifting your apartment or a growing business, hiring an LWB van is equally beneficial for you.
  • Let’s clear the biggest misconception: hiring an LWB Van is not expensive! As mentioned above, these vans are actually an efficient option saving your money, time and energy.