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7.5 Ton Luton Box Van with Tail Lift

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JH Removal operates a 7.5-tonne Luton box van with a tail lift in Birmingham to serve various residential and commercial clients. This van has a box-style body with extensive cargo storage capacity, making it ideal for carrying bulky and heavy goods. Its tail lift allows convenient loading and unloading of heavy pallets of different kinds of items with reduced risk of damage.

Ensuring the safety of your goods and items, our vans have rear roller shutter doors secured in place with padlocks. Our specialists ascertain that all fleet vehicles are regularly serviced to identify potential problems beforehand and ensure compliance with maintenance protocols, giving you peace of mind while working with us.

We help you carry stock for your shop or stall if you are a commercial business owner and also assist homeowners with furniture removals. Whether you want to transfer building materials for your construction project or essential supplies to a marquee for your event, we are always available for help.

7.5 Tonne Luton Box Van Dimensions

We offer 7.5 tonne Luton box van hire with a driver, and the dimensions of this vehicle are:

  • Height: 2.5m
  • Volume: 32m3
  • Interior Length: 6m

Its body is made of lightweight plastic, and hiring this van for your project will give you a greater payload. Moreover, this vehicle is capable of easily carrying almost 3200kg.

Advantages Offered by a 7.5 Tonne Luton Box Van

Our 7.5-tonne Luton box van hire service can be availed for house moving and commercial projects. This van has a peaked front, providing extra space that can be utilised for storage purposes or as a sleeping area by drivers when they travel long distances. Therefore, it offers unrivalled capacity, making it a perfect option to be used for various small- and large-scale projects.

This Luton van easily transports any sort of dry freight, as it offers a considerable load volume.

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Serving Domestic & Commercial Clients

We are offering a 7.5-tonne Luton box van hire near you, catering to the needs of various residential and business clients. This van is a perfect size to accommodate your house moving needs, with the tail lift feature that saves you from heavy lifting while loading or unloading the goods. Large pieces of furniture can also be easily transferred, eliminating the need for dismantling, which saves time on both ends.

Our experts also accommodate business clients by helping them transfer building materials, flags, heavy boxes of ceramic tiles, etc., in this versatile van, which comes with a highly convenient loading and unloading feature.

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We serve diverse clients, including homeowners, clearance, delivery, and removal companies, etc., helping them transfer bulky items and pallets to their desired locations. Our professionals and trusted drivers strive for a safe and secure transfer, ensuring your possessions are delivered on time and in perfect condition.

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7.5 Ton Van Hire in Birmingham
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7.5 Ton Luton Box Van with Tail Lift
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A Luton van is also known as a Luton box van because of its box-like body. It is also referred to as a Luton peak van because it features a peaked front.

The tail lift offers convenient and easy loading and unloading of large, heavy objects, saving you from taking any high steps to get them loaded and unloaded. However, you need to check the weight-lifting capacity of the tail lift before using it to load a particular item.

A 7.5-tonne Luton van can conveniently carry all the items needed to move a two-bedroom house, which means two or three sofas, a couple of beds, a dining room table and chairs, 40 to 50 moving boxes, and some other items.

Typically, a Luton box van has a cabin, large windscreen, lightweight chassis, peaked front, tail lift, and roller shutter door.