A Complete and Detailed Guide to Paper and Plastic Tape

Plastic Tape
Plastic Tape

There are different kinds of packaging tapes available on the market. Material, durability, breadth, and other characteristics vary significantly for each of them. Paper and plastic tapes are the most frequently used product for packing. Choosing the best tape for your needs might be challenging, given the variety of options available. As a result, in this article, you will discover what plastic and paper tapes are, as well as when and how to use them. So, let’s begin.

What Exactly is Packing Tape?

A pressure-sensitive tape known as packing tape is used to seal cardboard boxes and storage cartons. Packing tape is necessary when you are relocating your house or making a big delivery. They can help you deliver your packages safely and securely. Utilising the proper packing tape that is strong enough to retain the package is crucial.

What is Plastic Tape?

Plastic tapes are commonly made using polypropylene. Plastic tapes are well-liked due to their colour variations, durability, dirt resistance, and affordability. Although robust, the heat-activated or pressure-sensitive adhesive used in plastic packing tape will never provide as much adhesive support as paper-based tape. Paper packing tape is far less common than plastic packing tape because it is easier to use, lighter, and less costly. Additionally, by combining plastic packing tape with a case sealer, you can significantly increase the speed and efficiency of your work. Plastic tape is compatible with the majority of high-speed case sealing machines.

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Paper Tape
Paper Tape

The Advantages of Using Plastic Tape

The rolls of plastic tape actually come with their own dispensers, so you won’t need to worry about purchasing specialised tools. The following are a few benefits of using plastic tape:

  • It is simple to use and pressure sensitive, so plastic shipping tape adheres to shipping boxes right away.
  • Because it is portable, shippers are not restricted to packing shipment boxes in a single location.
  • It is commonly found in stores.
  • It works with all kinds of packages, such as polyethylene mailers and shipping boxes.

What is Paper Tape?

Due to its considerably stronger adhesiveness, paper tape provides a far more secure way to close off boxes and parcels. It is perfect for sealing boxes for travel or storage because it is water resistant and performs well in humid environments. Applying self-adhesive paper tape directly to the package or box can be done fast and cleanly with a dispenser. You can apply paper tape with water for a more durable seal. Once the seal becomes dry, it adheres to the board. This tape makes the package tamper-proof because it develops a paper-to-paper connection with the case. This tape is also easier to remove without harming the box.

Paper Tape
Paper Tape

The Advantages of Using Paper Tape

The cost of paper tape is typically higher than that of plastic tape. Fibreglass strands are typically used as reinforcement in paper tape to help make it stronger. A unique water-activated tape dispenser is used with this tape, which aids in the tape’s adhesion to the box. The benefits of using paper shipping tape include:

  • Since it comes in different classes, you can pick between several grades of paper tape depending on the weight of the package.
  • The paper tape dispenser may be programmed to produce a specific length of tape, allowing for precise and faster placement, resulting in less tape wastage.
  • Compared to plastic tape, this type of tape is usually broader. Due to its wider width, it is simple to use and typically only requires one piece to close both shipping box flaps.
  • The paper tape also provides eco-friendly benefits. Once removed from the package, it can be recycled.

Which Tape Should You Choose?

What option is best for you will mostly rely on the kind of box you use and the kinds of products you are delivering. For instance, plastic tape is the perfect choice if you are shipping a product using poly mailers. On the other hand, paper tape is a better option if you’re sending boxes while trying to be environmentally friendly. Each form of packing tape has its benefits and drawbacks, and the tape you use is entirely up to your requirements.

The Conclusion

One of the most flexible packaging materials is a tape, which comes in various forms, sizes, and colours. You can choose either paper tape, which offers a robust yet sustainable way to close boxes and parcels, or plastic tape, which you can buy at an affordable price. Packing tape plays a critical function for both travel and storage. Choosing the right tape can help you avoid a lot of stress about your package’s safety.

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