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Luton Van Hire in Solihull

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JH Removal offers Luton van hire in Solihull, providing quality clearance and removal services to different residential and commercial clients. Our Luton vans have a peaked front extending over the driver’s cabin to offer more storage. Moreover, our vans have integrated tail lift that makes loading and unloading easier for our specialists.

What Does a Luton Van Feature?

Some of the specialised features of a Luton van in Solihull include:

  • Peaked front present over the driver’s cab.
  • Roller shutter for accessing the load area easily.
  • A cabin with a seating place for up to three persons.
  • Larger windscreen & wing mirrors for better road visibility.
  • Lightweight chassis made with strong reinforced fibreglass or plastic.
  • Tail lift at the rear side to load and unload heavier items conveniently.

Why Hire a Luton Van?

You can book our services for affordable Luton van hire in Solihull and enjoy several advantages, including more loading capacity and a convenient storage solution. Luton vans are constructed with high-quality materials, which make them robust, capable of bearing significant payload. Moreover, their lower load height options offer easier access to load and unload different items conveniently via built-in ramps and steps.

How Do Our Experts Work?

Our specialists undertake specialised techniques to load and unload your valuable items safely and securely. They step straight up into the loading area to access all the things easily and use the ramp to slide heavier and fragile items in or out of the van conveniently. After loading everything into the van, we transport them to your specified destination.

We do all the work for you, saving you from the heavy lifting and helping you avoid potential back injuries.

Why Choose Us?

We are fully insured, secured, and reliable service providers, offering high-quality, specialised packing and removal services. Our company offers van hire to simplify the tedious task of property moving and clearance. Providing quality services, we pride ourselves on:

  • Free Surveys
  • Long Distance Removals
  • Reliable Packing Solutions
  • Highly Customisable Services
  • Accurate & Transparent Quotes

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Luton Van Hire in Solihull
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Luton Van Hire in Solihull


Yes, we are a fully insured and licenced company, working in the field for over three decades. Rest assured, you are financially protected in case of any damage to your belongings.

The loading capacity and the dimensions of a Luton van can vary depending on its manufacturer. However, the general loading capacity of a Luton van is almost 15.1m3, and its dimensions are as follows:

Overall Dimensions: Length 6.7m / Width 2.3m (inc. mirrors)/ Height 3.3m

Loading Dimensions: Length 3.9m / Width 2m / Height 2.2m

Luton van is suitable for a large number of jobs, including small house and flat removal, furniture, piano and office removals.

The cost of a Luton van hire depends on different factors, such as the nature of the job and the distance between the locations. You can contact us to get a precise cost estimate.

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